bunq Tips

bunq Tips

bunq has many amazing features. We’re sure you haven’t found them all yet, neither have we!

On this page, we will share some tips and features you may not have discovered yet. We’ll add more tips along the way. Do you know about a feature that you think should be mentioned here? Please let us know so we can add it!

Tip 1

On the accounts screen, you can press and drag an account to either the Pay or Request button to make a payment with or a request to that account!

Tip 2

When you enter the bunq app with a copied IBAN-number, the app will show up with a notification asking you if you want to send money to that IBAN.

Tip 3

When using the hide-balance feature, you can quickly show the balance of any account by swiping the balance from left to right.

Tip 4

If you’ve shared payment with someone else, you can the status of that request when going to that payment.

Tip 5

You can check local currencies of other countries right from the bunq app! Go to the Cards tab and hit the Map icon on the top right corner. Look for the country on the map and tap it!

Tip 6

You can make quick calculations when entering the amount of money you want to pay when creating a payment.

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